Jeremy Duke

I take an active role in counseling.

I believe how we form relationships can facilitate or block our development and help us make sense of ourselves and our role in the world. Therefore, awareness of how we relate to others can lead to productive change away from self-defeating behaviors.
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Suzan Franck

Many of us go through the first part of our lives managing to have successful careers, relationships, etc., only to arrive later in life finding that the strategies we have used to cope have started to break down. We get derailed. We are often torn apart in inner conflict. We may now be considering a life without people, situations, or abilities that we formally thought essential for a meaningful life. Things no longer make sense in the same way as they did at an earlier time.

These times require us to regroup to find a new way. 

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Candice Kundert

I am committed to a therapeutic process that enhances each person’s potential and honors everyone’s unique path. I believe it is important to embrace each other’s differences, and that we all have inside of us the capacity to feel loved and happy. Sometimes we need help to get there. I also believe that life is a continual process of learning and re-learning. At the core of everyone I trust that we all have an amazing potential to feel and be the way we desire. Therapy is a process of becoming that can help you get there in a way that works for you.

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