Spatial Distancing

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Hello, I hope you are all fairing well and taking good care of yourselves through this pandemic.

It is an understatement to assert we are living through unprecedented and challenging times. Uncertainty, fear, anxiety and distrust abounds. How can we help in this time of crisis? Some people are in shelter or doing distancing alone and some are with large families that have never had to spend this much time in their homes. Many are working from home and school. There are so many issues going on in so many directions and every day it changes. Uncertainty seems to be the only thing we can count on at this time. It is important to remember even if you are lonely, you are never alone. Help is always a phone call away. We are still available and doing phone and video sessions that are going quite well.

This is also an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and family you have not talked with or interacted with in a while. I was talking to a teenager today who is staying in touch by talking on the phone a lot. I laughed telling her about my teen years. We used to talk on the phone and get in trouble if we talked too long as someone else may be trying to call. She was quite puzzled. But those were the days when people who were separated from each other talked a lot on the phone and families usually only had one or two phones and only one line. It was a great ancient history lesson for her!

I would like to talk a little about “social distancing”. I like to call it spatial distancing instead! We still need to socialize with friends and family and others who may not be sheltering with us. When outside of our homes, the six-foot distance we need to be safe could be called spatial distancing. We can still socialize, but just not close up. I long for the days when we can touch, shake hands and hug again, but I am also glad we are learning how important it is to wash hands and be more careful which may help us prevent more flu next year.

Jon Bon Jovi has written a great song. It started out with a phrase he made while he was helping out washing dishes when this virus first started. He said, “If you can’t do what you want, do what you can.” He has asked for everyone’s experience in this so he could be inclusive. But they are great words to live by now. We can’t do what we want. I would rather see you in the office than on the laptop, but your and my safety come first. We all need to do what we can. And expand it. While we may be missing some things we wish we could do, this is an opportunity to do good self-care, catch up with things you have been wanting to do for a while and, most importantly, stay in contact with friends and family. We are here to help and are always just a call or a text away.

Take good care of yourself and stay safe!

Written by Candice J. Kundert

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