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I am committed to a therapeutic process that enhances each person’s potential and honors everyone’s unique path. I believe it is important to embrace each other’s differences, and that we all have inside of us the capacity to feel loved and happy. Sometimes we need help to get there. I also believe that life is a continual process of learning and re-learning. At the core of everyone I trust that we all have an amazing potential to feel and be the way we desire. Therapy is a process of becoming that can help you get there in a way that works for you.

The complexity of relationships

Before I became a therapist, I realized that two of the most challenging things we can do in life are to negotiate relationships and be a parent. After more than 25 years practicing therapy, I still find that to be true. We aren’t trained to live and work with others, yet our lives revolve around these relationships. We are all uniquely human, and an important part of that existence is nurturing and understanding. We all want to be validated and to give and feel love.

Sometimes roadblocks keep us from this. Negotiating relationships can lead to conflict. Changes in your family, friendships or community can challenge your skills. Although these roadblocks may seem impassable, we can find a way. Trying to get to a loving place within ourselves and with others can feel like we are driving a car with a wheel that only turns one way. At times in life and in relationships we just become stuck. Coming to therapy enables you to find new ways to get to the happy and loving place you desire. Healthy relationships require negotiation and new skills. I would like to help you navigate those challenges and improve your interactions so you can feel more whole.

The challenges of uncertainty and the past

Frequently, we are faced with uncertainty in our lives. The anxiety of the unknown expends our mental energy and leaves us feeling hopeless. Or, we have a difficult time letting go of the past. We can work together to learn how to live mindfully in the present – using therapy, guided meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis – to mediate and regulate these feelings. We will explore your concerns together and work through a plan that allows you to live more fully and positively today and in the moment.

My method

I am a licensed clinical social worker practicing therapy for more than 25 years. I have extensive training in solution-focused psychotherapy. I work with adults of all ages, adolescents and couples. Specifically, I have extensive experience working on relationship issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, life adjustment, stress, and substance abuse issues.

As a member of the professional community, I have trained new therapists in counseling and social work from several universities. I have worked with industries developing employee assistance holistic wellness programs and I conduct critical incident debriefings, mediation and wellness seminars. I also teach meditation in elementary schools and small-group settings.

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Candice’s rate is $120 per hour.