Jeremy Duke

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I take an active role in counseling.

I believe how we form relationships can facilitate or block our development and help us make sense of ourselves and our role in the world. Therefore, awareness of how we relate to others can lead to productive change away from self-defeating behaviors.

I have an integrated style of counseling that utilizes practices from several schools of psychological thought. I believe strongly in working collaboratively with my clients to determine the tasks, process, and goals of counseling. Furthermore, I take an active role in counseling sessions. I believe to be effective I need to be fully engaged. By working to understand your difficulties, providing genuine responses to your concerns, and being willing to listen to your feedback, I hope to build a relationship with you that is helpful.

I have been licensed as a counselor in Missouri since 2001.

I received a Masters Degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri in 1997 and a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois in 1990.

Between my undergraduate and graduate programs I spent five years providing vocational counseling and job placement services to people with disabilities.

I have been in private practice since 2004.

Before entering private practice, I was the clinical manager and assistant director of Phoenix Programs, Inc., a drug and alcohol treatment agency, where I worked in both residential and outpatient settings for seven years. It is through my work at Phoenix Programs that I became interested in addictions treatment.

The Howard’s work taught me to focus on the growth of the person.

I was further influenced in my work by Don and Nancy Howard. Don and Nancy’s innovative and compassionate Family Approach to Problem Drinking, and their many accomplishments in the counseling field, earned them recognition as leaders in family enrichment, education, and addictions treatment. Their work influenced me to focus beyond the “illness” of chemical dependency and on to the growth of the individual. It also has influenced my understanding of the role of the family and community in a person’s recovery. Don was tireless in his work and taught me to be persistent in the face of a sometimes difficult struggle to help a person overcome addiction.

I’ve helped develop service programs.

Over the years I have consulted with non-profits and state agencies on how to best provide treatment and counseling services, taught a graduate seminar on addictions treatment at the University of Missouri, and developed educational programs for professional and general audiences.

My contributions go beyond my office.

I am the Regional Coordinator of the Missouri Physicians Health Program (MPHP) and facilitate a physician’s support group.

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Jeremy is not accepting new clients.

Jeremy’s rate is $120 per hour.