April 2015

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Anxiety

People rightly come to the therapist because they have become inwardly enslaved
and they yearn to be set free.  The crucial question is: how is that freedom to be attained? 

– Rollo May, Freedom and Destiny

At a four-day “Boot Camp” for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in Reno this February, I aspired to actively participate in the training rather than sitting back passively. The latter is certainly the easier route, and it’s the option I sometimes take in life, but it leaves me feeling a bit lifeless. On the other hand, while raising my hand and speaking in front of 150 other attendees invigorates me, the thought of doing so also brings in its wake a swell of fear and trembling that seems to pin me down into a state of passivity. Read More »

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