Drug & Alcohol Counseling

It is difficult to know what to do when you, or a loved one, have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

Drug and alcohol problems can cause serious problems in your life and leave you feeling guilty and unsure of what to do. It is helpful to talk to an understanding and knowledgeable counselor who can work with you to figure out if there is a problem and what to do about it.

We are willing to help.

Often drug and alcohol use results in a crisis. A family intervention, DWI or other arrest, work or school problems, or a health scare can all result in motivation to seek counseling. Whatever your situation, we are willing to help.

We have extensive experience working with people with drug and alcohol problems and their families. We work with individuals directly and we work with family members looking to help their loved one.

We offer more than just counseling services.

Along with counseling, we are available to design and monitor individualized treatment programs in conjunction with professional licensing bodies, employers, and the court if necessary. Additionally, we offer aftercare services for those completing drug and alcohol treatment. If you are in crisis because of your drug and alcohol use, we can help you make the changes necessary to get out, and stay out, of trouble.

In addition to individual counseling we offer a Substance Use Coaching Group. This group is an 8-week coaching group designed to support and equip you as you walk alongside those in your life who use drugs and alcohol.

Other Addictions

Are you feeling out of control with your behavior?

It is widely understood that people can have addictions to behaviors other than drug and alcohol use. Such “process addictions” include sex, gambling, working, spending, internet use, and computer gaming. The hallmarks of these addictions are the continuation of the behavior despite harmful consequences and a difficulty controlling the behavior. Often these problems are secretive and shrouded in shame. We can help you address these behaviors and regain control over your life.

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