Thursday Night Group Therapy

When: The Second and Fourth Thursday of the month, from 6:30 to 8:00pm

Where: 601 West Nifong Blvd – Building 1, Suite E

Facilitator: Brian Bowles PhD, MEd, LPC

Cost: $90 per month


Who is this group for? 
This group is for men who wish to change or maintain a change in a compulsive sexual behavior.  It is for people
with “sexual sobriety” or who are working toward sobriety, and who would like support in their efforts.

Why should I participate in a group?
Participating in this group provides benefits in your efforts to grow beyond your compulsive behavior.  The group
offers support and accountability, a sense of working together with others to make or maintain positive changes,
and a safe place to talk with others.  You will receive feedback on your progress from the facilitator and other
members as you work toward a greater understanding of yourself.  As you see others making positive changes,
you will gain confidence in your own ability to make and maintain changes.

Emotional difficulties and relationship issues are often a hurdle to maintaining a satisfying life.  Group therapy
lets you explore these difficulties in a useful, productive manner.  This therapy group promotes personal growth
through an examination of those patterns of relating to others that cause you difficulties.  You will meet and interact
with others working to recover from the impact of a compulsive behavior on their lives.  You will have the chance to
listen and provide feedback to others in the group, and you’ll be challenged to reflect on how you behave, how your
behavior impacts others, and how you respond to the behavior of the other members of the group.

This is a “process group,” which means there will be a focus on the interactions within the group.  Please come prepared to
talk about yourself and your challenges, to think about and discuss your strengths and goals, and to respond to other
group members and the facilitator.

Brian Bowles PhD, MEd, LPC

Dr. Bowles received his doctorate in philosophy from Loyola University in Chicago and his MEd in counseling psychology from
Stephens College.  Before joining Individual, Marriage, and Family Enrichment, Brian worked as an individual and group counselor at a
substance-abuse treatment center, where he was Clinical Director.  Brian practices counseling using a personal approach tailored to
the strengths and needs of each individual, incorporating well-established techniques from a variety of models of human growth and
change.   Prior to entering into the counseling profession, Brian was a college philosophy professor in Chicago and Maryland.  He sees
philosophy as a “caring for the self” and uses philosophical techniques of inquiry to foster examination or one’s unexamined values,
which can ideally lead to changes in our patterns of thinking about and acting in the world.


To participate in the group, or for more information, please contact our office at or call (573)228-6702.