Couples Counseling

People enter committed relationships with people they love. When there are problems in the relationship it is difficult for partners to express or receive that love. Sometimes, couples have relationships that are unsatisfactory, even destructive, and lead to negative feelings and patterns of conflict or withdrawal.

Relationships can be damaged and difficult.

Furthermore, relationships can be damaged by such things as infidelity, internet affairs, and lack of intimacy. Other times, stresses such as children and parenting concerns, job changes, and moves can lead to a couple’s difficulties.

Couples counseling helps address those difficulties. Through counseling you learn to identify, and change, the negative cycles that stop you from achieving the relationship you want.

Counseling can help you achieve a healthy relationship together.

Marriage or couples enrichment is a process of looking at your relationship honestly, identifying the blocks to your relationship’s growth, and taking the time to intentionally address these blocks. A healthy relationship is one in which there is:

  • A commitment to each other
  • An effective communication system
  • The ability to accept conflict positively and resolve it creatively
  • The ability to express and receive love and affection.