At Individual Marriage and Family Enrichment (IMFE) we are interested in expanding and strengthening the network of professionals in the mental health field. We welcome opportunities for connection and look forward to meeting new clinicians.

On this page you will find links, articles, and resources useful to professionals in the mental health field. In addition to posting articles we actively seek to engage with other professionals through:

  • Our Monthly Newsletter
  • Attending Continuing Education and Training Events
  • Nurturing Connections with Other Professionals
  • Providing Supervision and Consultation with Other Private Practice Counselors

At IMFE, we are are committed to advancing the field of counseling psychology.

We demonstrate this commitment in collaborative relationships with other professionals, dedication to maintaining a high level of expertise, and upholding standards of ethical practice.

Counseling psychology as a field covers a wide range of professionals in a myriad of settings:

  • Schools
  • Private Practices
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
  • Hospitals and Other Health and Medical Institutions
  • Public Service Providers
  • Online and Virtual Settings

Taking a Transparent Approach

Multiple service options are available including individual counseling, couples therapy, family counseling and group therapy. To complicate things further, there are multiple schools of thought, theoretical orientations, and techniques implemented in the field. As a result, different counselors may approach their work from very different perspectives.

For these reasons, at IMFE we strive to be transparent about our counseling approaches and methods. In addition, we understand our therapy services may not be a good fit for every person seeking counseling. Therefore, we maintain a connection to a large and varied network of providers with whom we can consult and to whom we can refer.

We maintain collaborative relationships with local professionals as well as groups of therapists in St. Louis and Kansas City and with national treatment centers.

Monthly Newsletter

As part of our effort to maintain these relationships we send out a monthly newsletter. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide an outlet for mental health providers to make and maintain connections with each other. Our newsletter is open for any provider to communicate information that may be of interest to their colleagues in Mid-Missouri. Announcements such as upcoming trainings, job openings, new therapy groups or other practice announcements are welcome.

If you are interested in receiving our newsletter, please click below.

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Professional Interests

Therapists at IMFE are members of the American Counseling Association (AMA) and The International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT).

We are involved in the expansion of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples in Missouri and are working to increase the use of EFT as a treatment modality for couples counseling. EFT has been repeatedly demonstrated to be the most effective therapy model for couples counseling. In addition to implementing the model in our practice, we participate in ongoing training and consultation with others interested in practicing EFT.

We also have a specific interest in applying EFT and other psychodynamic, experiential, and attachment-based counseling to the treatment of substance use disorders and process addictions. We have extensive backgrounds in the treatment of substance use disorders.

Self of Therapist

At IMFE we understand that at times counselors, social workers, physicians, psychologists and others in the helping professions wish to seek their own psychological services. It is recognized that those providing therapy services are prone to burnout. Often labeled as “compassion fatigue” the rigors of the profession can lead to chronic stress and the need for additional support. That support often takes the form of consultation, supervision, or counseling. At IMFE we understand there is a necessity for counselors to focus on self-care so they can remain healthy and helpful for their clients. Therefore, we advocate for counselors to seek help for themselves when necessary and we are available for consultation and to provide counseling services for others in the field.