Couples and Marriage Counseling

Will my relationship survive this storm?

I get it. Tension is running at an all-time high within your four walls. You’re stranded in your house, maybe with a couple little kids creating blanket forts (read: creating more laundry) and playing hide-and-seek in the pantry (read: eating all the food). But today, we’re not going to focus on the children.  We’re talking about the fact you’re stranded in your house with…your partner. Yikes!

When a couple walks into my office, they are typically not in the best shape, emotionally. Oh, it may appear everything is “fine.”  You know, that kind of “fine” where you can be gritting your teeth, fighting in the car; and then walk into my office with the biggest smile on your face, holding your partner’s hand, hoping I don’t see you digging into their skin with your fingernails. Welcome to couple’s counseling. (For the record, I’ve also been a half of one of those couples in a counseling room. I get it). 

How do we get to this “fine” place? Even more so, how do we survive this place in the midst of a pandemic?! 

Relationships don’t just fall apart on their own, even though it often feels like they do. We get bored and antsy and irritated and wonder if the grass is greener. The early days of fireworks and late-night talks and weekly date nights fade into the mundane of demanding jobs, strained finances, and a few-too-many Happy Hours. So, someone gets frustrated enough, calls my office, and says, “My spouse and I just don’t know how to communicate anymore. Everything is an argument! We need therapy.”   

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