During my teenage years, I spent several months working at Romanian orphanages, an experience which both fulfilled my love for travel and my desire to help others who may be facing physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.  It was during that time that I realized the power of empathy and human connection despite the lack of relationship.  I found that after just a few minutes of talking with another person, a relationship does indeed start to form, and processing life circumstances coupled with feeling heard and validated can jumpstart the change process.

While I look forward to helping any person(s) find and know themselves in a meaningful way, I am exploring the areas of attachment, trauma and addiction on a deeper level.  I do not yet subscribe to a primary therapy approach; however, I incorporate psychodynamic, interpersonal and cognitive behavioral therapy practices as I journey with people in a counseling setting.

I am honored to be under the supervision of Jeremy Duke, LPC as I continue the graduate Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Stephens College.  It is my hope that both I and those I counsel will grow together as we navigate our respective lives.


Lauren is accepting new clients.

Lauren’s rate is $60 per hour.