Many of us go through the first part of our lives managing to have successful careers, relationships, etc., only to arrive later in life finding that the strategies we have used to cope have started to break down. We get derailed. We are often torn apart in inner conflict. We may now be considering a life without people, situations, or abilities that we formally thought essential for a meaningful life. Things no longer make sense in the same way as they did at an earlier time.

These times require us to regroup to find a new way. 

We may come to face this through an encounter with an especially difficult situation, such as a divorce, an illness, a depression, or simply an inability to function in the way we always have. This may take the form of a psychological crisis where there is a need for work that is deeper and below the surface. This may take the form of a spiritual crisis where traditional forms of spirituality are not sufficient to navigate the experience.

Working to restore wholeness to our internal system, we begin to move toward inner balance and peace. Listening to the wisdom of our sleep, dreams can help us begin to learn and understand our unique situation in ways our conscious mind can not yet see. Reclaiming disowned parts of our selves helps us to face both external as well as internal challenges in a new way. Understanding more deeply what drives us, decisions become easier and life becomes less stressful.

The primary model I use in my work is the Analytical Depth Psychology of Carl Jung. Internal Family Systems and Parts Work are also used. Coming to identify, own, develop relationship with, and make peace with all parts of our selves is the ultimate goal, which leads to psychological health and wholeness, along with an often renewed sense of meaning and purpose in the world.


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